Holiday in Seoul

A winter holiday kink meme.

2012 masterlist.
[image description: blue, glittery ornament]
We had two great fills this year, both untitled:

BTOB, Hyunsik/Ilhoon/Sungjae, written for the prompt in light of the latest b+diary episode: sungsuk and ilsun decide to team up to give hyunsik a christmas present he'll never forget.
EXO-K/Super Junior, Baekhyun/Kyuhyun, written for the prompt "i like you better without the eyeshadow"

Future comments made on the 2012 request post are now screened. Have a spectacular and productive 2013.

For the holidays, you can't beat meme, sweet meme!
[image description: blue, glittery ornament]
Here is a tiny snowman: ☃

Here are the rules: there aren't many. Your requests can be naughty or nice, but they aren't required to be holiday-themed. You can leave and fill as many requests as you want. To leave a request, please list the fandom and pairing in the subject line and your prompt in the body of the comment. The meme will run through January 12, 2013, at which point I will screen further comments and put up a list of fills for your perusal. I will open another part in late November or early December 2013 if there is interest. Please don't wank, as it's not in the holiday spirit.

Here is another tiny snowman: ☃


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